Monday, April 23, 2012

Giveaway Alert: Lucky Winner

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I indicated that it is valid until June 30,2012 only since I am not sure if I can still continue my online selling. :/

I'll send an email and fb message to the lucky winner. Trixii Lee, pwede mo ng pakyawin yung paninda ko. Hehe. :D   
For those who wish to collaborate and have sponsorships/giveaways with Find n Flaunt, kindly send your message with complete details on Find n Flaunt page. Thank you so much. :)


Sweet Tweets & Free Shipping

Sending me a "sweet tweet" was one of the entries I included in my giveaway. I planned on answering them all at once but it took me this long to answer them. I'm sorry. :/

Here are some of the sweet tweets and personal questions I received:

"What will you do this valentines day?"
Haha. I'm so sorry I haven't answered you earlier. Check my post here on how I spent the Valentine's day. :)

"What's the reason behind your store name 'Find n Flaunt'?"
My online shop's name was inspired by the phrase "If you have it, then flaunt it." Find that thing you want in my store and flaunt it to the world! I was even planning to name my online shop, "F.I.F.I." - Find It, Flaunt It. But I think some people would make fun of that name. Haha. There are also a lot of names I've thought of until I ended up with Find n Flaunt.

"What is your favorite shoes?"
My favorite type of shoes would be a wedge. It gives you a pump without worrying of having tripped or slipped. :P I'm not really good in wearing heels but because of those thick heels and chunky heels around, I can now enjoy wearing those kinds.

"I want to personally know you as an entrepreneur "
Woah! I didn't consider myself as an entrepreneur before. But, as an entrepreneur, I need to have patience patience patience. As they say, patience is the key to a successful business. True indeed. I also try to keep improving my online site and my products as well. Actually, my online shop have undergone lots of changes already. :D

How long have you been into shoe business and aside from footwear what else do you sell online?
I started selling shoes last October 2011.  I used to sell pre-order apparels, bags,  and perfumes. But now, I am thinking to focus on on-hand and pre-order shoes. :)

" I want to know about your being mom."
"How's motherhood treating you? God bless!"
Being a mom at this age is not my plan but I have always thought of having a child at an early age. Ugh. At first, I need assistance from my parents and my boyfriend since I had a caesarean delivery. I couldn't stand up easily by myself. I was not allowed to carry heavy things and walk too much. During the first few weeks, my baby cries and poops every dawn. I needed to change the diaper very often. I could not breastfeed her properly maybe because there aren't a lot of milk stored in my breasts yet. I was also having difficulty in breastfeeding positions. I resorted to giving formula milk so it was very costly on my part.

I even cried to my boyfriend because it really is difficult to be a mother. I also thought of my mother who did all these things by herself. There are really a lot of sacrifices our mothers had given to us.
Though I am still not good in managing my time, I am somehow getting used to these new things. Good thing, we have a helper now. If we don't have, I might not be able to eat in a day. Hihi. I followed the elder's advice to always eat those foods with soup. So, I have unlimited supply of breastmilk now. Haha. 

On the down side, Kaela got used to breastmilk and doesn't want to drink formula milk anymore. I could not go outside the house for a long time and leave her to my mother or brother. She is crying terribly when I'm not around.

You've got a lot under your sleeves!how do you juggle all your roles?How do you manage your time?
Hmmmm. For now, it's a bit easier because I am only focusing on my online shop and my baby. I stopped teaching online. No one's going to take care of Kaela if I am going to continue teaching online.  What I am worried for is this coming school year. It would really be a toxic life. I'm going to have less time for my baby.  I'm not even sure if I am still going to continue selling online. :/

" I want to know some random facts about you."
1. I love wearing PJs!
2. I don't usually comb my hair.
3. Coffee doesn't make me awake.
4. I want to keep my nails long. (But I need to have it short always coz I'm a mom now.)
5. I have a lot of insecurities and frustrations in life. :)

"Who is your favorite actor?"
I don't have favorites but I do have crushes. Haha. Tom Cruise, Ashton Kutcher, and Bradley Cooper. :)

"Do you know Tsuki and Mary Eunice?"
Yep. We live in the same subdivision. :) Eunice is one of my  close friends here.

There you go. :)

To those whose sweet tweets are posted here, here's my treat for you:

Free shipping in ANY item. Valid until April 30, 2012 only. If you're going to order, kindly message me your Full Name, Email Ad and Twitter username. :)

That's all dearies. :*


Kaela's 3rd Month

Showing off my big arms. :/

No doubt who the father is! :P I'm wishing Kaela's hair would grow longer and faster so she may look more girly!

Thank you The Bake Sale for the cupcakes and Ninang Luvie for the headband. :D