Sunday, November 27, 2011




Last November 11, 2011, I went to elbi to get my Diploma. At last! :D

After getting my Diploma, my boyfriend and I went to SM Calamba and we ate out at Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria. We're not really hungry when we arrived at SM but we've got nothing to do so we just decided to eat. Also, this poster caught our attention :

So there...
                                     The pretty girlfriend. Hehe
Meet my boyfriend. :D

Good thing they have this kind of stuff to somehow entertain the customers while waiting for their orders.

Boyfriend finished the Pizzadoku first (since he started it few minutes before I began)  but I finished Pizzadoku correctly. Boyfriend missed out on something. I also won the marathon against boyfriend. Hihi! :) 
Here's what we ordered...
Lotto Appetito - PHP 330
My favorites in one dish! Chicken fingers, Mozzarella sticks and Fresh tomatoes!
Tomato sauce + Basil sauce(?!) = Perfect combination!

Our ordered pizzas! Bianca Supreme and Beefy Grande. Yum yum~

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria's service was good. They were able to serve our orders in less than 15 minutes. But I think our table is too small for us. Haha.
The pizzas are uncommon. The difference about the pizza they are offering among the other pizza outlets is its "crispy dough." I'm not sure if it would be the right term but I hope you get what I mean. The feeling was like you're eating hostia. Hehe. Well, for me, it was.

11-11-11 night was such a horrible one. My cellphone was snatched at Alabang. So guys, if you still have my number 09275204709, kindly delete it.


Last November 20, 2011 boyfriend and I went to SM Southmall. We were also not hungry when we arrived there but we've got nothing to do again so we ended up eating again. Haha.

Fatboy's Pizza - PHP 295

Fatboy's pizza surely has a lot of toppings that is why it is messy to eat. It was like you are eating Shawarma.
For the taste, it was good and the usual. It is also somehow similar with Lot'sA Pizza's Great Manhattan.

I'd like to recommend the Healthie Four Seasons shake we bought. Refreshing, healthy, and so yuuuuuumy! ~


Monday, November 21, 2011

Find n Flaunt is on Multiply! :D

For those who do not know, I have been running an online shop in Facebook since July. I started out as a reseller but as of October, I officially became a direct seller. Cheers to that! :)

Last Friday, I decided to create a multiply site for my online shop - Find n Flaunt. So, I spent my Friday night and Saturday customizing and updating that site. What I would like to blog about is how I love my Find n Flaunt's multiply site design. I know it is simple but I really find joy in seeing my output. I used to personalize my Xanga account, Friendster account, Twitter account,  and Multiply account. The only account/website that I did not customize was my Facebook account. I think Facebook is in its best on its simple layout.

I like spending a whole day in tweaking codes. It has been a long time since I last used my multiply account so I somehow forgot about the codes. Well, I'm not really that familiar in CSS codes unlike HTML codes.

For those who want to design their multiply sites, you can check out other websites which offer free pre-made layouts. To those who would want to design it their own way, you can always try doing so! :) Explore the world of CSS and HTML. You can always get a lot of help from the net.

Let me share you the codes that I used for my online shop multiply site. (I hope you can see this in a larger view.)

Easy, right? :)

There are still things that I want to edit on my site. Maybe, I'll do that some other time. For now, I need to update my product list and prices. Hihi. 

By the way, Find n Flaunt offers pre-order shoes, apparels, bags and perfumes. 
Give some love and like my Find n Flaunt Facebook page. :D

Watchathink of Find n Flaunt's multiply site? Watchathink? Watchathink?


Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Nothing special happened during my October until I've received an invitation to attend Riva and Nathan's baby shower for their baby boy, Caleb. It was held on the 31st of October, 2011.Thank goodness, my parents allowed me to go even if it was a holiday. This event was also an opportunity to see my lovely friends and orgmates. I was really excited!!! :)

Before heading to the venue, my lovely friends and I went to SM Calamba and bought our collaborated gift. :P We bought something for Baby Caleb's head (bonnet?), for his little hands (mittens), for his little body (a clothing set) and for his little feet (booties). Weee. We also bought a pacifier. Newborn items are really cute. :)

And this is how the Baby shower went...

It is not my baby shower, okay? :D
(Me, Tin, Marisse, Nicey)

With my lovely friends/orgmates. 
 Same position eh?


With my batchmates (Tin and Marisse)

With my roommates - London girls (Marisse and Nicey)


The lovely couple - Riva and Nathan :)


Mommy Riva, Daddy Nathan and Baby Caleb's giftsssss. :D

Time to bid farewell! 

It is very seldom that I get to see my orgmates and friends. That's why I was really delighted to see some of them during that day.

I'm really excited for Baby Caleb! I also wish a successful normal delivery for our orgmate, Riva. Let's all pray for her and for her baby! ^_^

*All pictures are from Nathan. :D

By the way, should I have my baby shower also? :P
Hmmmm, please shower my baby with a lot of blessings/gifts even without me hosting a baby shower! Hihi! :)



 Get these at Find n Flaunt

Thursday, October 27, 2011

One Wednesday Afternoon

It is very rare that I go out these past few weeks. Since, I've got nothing to do, I decided to go with my parents to run their errands. They're also going to the mall so I definitely came with them.

First stop: ATC

While my parents were doing with what they needed to do, I went window shopping. Haha. I found a simple, pretty "platforms" in Bayo. The colors available are black, blue and red. The material is a combination of suede and PU (I think). The sole has a leopard print.  A pair of it costs PHP 1,800. I think it is a bit pricey for its simple design. The other stores I have visited are People are People, Kashieca, Charles and Keith, and Kamiseta. Well, we just stayed there for around 15 minutes.

Last stop: SM Southmall

Another reason why I came with them is because I wanted to inquire about DSLRs. After inquiring about the DSLRs, we eat out at Pancake House to have our late lunch. Here are the pictures of what we ordered. :)

Sunrise Orange Pancake Tower
Mama's order. I don't know it's name but it's a fish fillet.

Papa's order. Tenderloin Steak.

My order. Sunrise Steak.
Yuuuuuummy lunch! I liked the fluffiness of the fish fillet but its sauce was not that appetizing. It was like there was a missing ingredient on that sauce, maybe mayonnaise. On the other hand, both steaks really taste good but they were somehow raw even if we said that we want them well-done. Well, it was good that my father and I were almost finished eating when we noticed some portions of our respective steaks being raw. You can really see the blood, eewy. Would you still eat that bloody steak??

To give you a hint of what we look like... :P
My handsome Papa and my beautiful Mama. :)
It seems that I look like a kiddo here.

By the way, I found these cute peep-toe wedges in one of the stores in SM. I forgot what store it was.

Wish I could find a cheaper shoes (from my supplier) similar to this one! :D

We had to go home early since Mama has another appointment to go to and I will be having my classes.

That's all folks!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Ultimate Update

What have I been up to lately?

My long "vacation" started when I got the surprising, big news. This big news caused a lot of big problems but  it was a wonderful blessing as well. You may have an idea of what it is already.

During those times, I have been through a lot of down moments. Thanks to my wonderful friends who never failed to support and uplift me.

So, okay, let's skip the drama part.

Here's what I have been up to for the past few months (May-September)...

 Bohol Visit/Tubigon Fiesta Celbration

Yey to my former sexy body! JK.
With my beautiful mom who is balot na balot! :P

With my Mama and Papa. :)

With Tita Babie. :) I love our jump shot!
Birthday Girl!

Thanks lovely ladies :)

Fiesta Celeb at Dasma


LFS: Harry Potter 7 Part 2

Dinner at Shakey's with OLDIES my loves :)

Kumares :)

July Solo Pic

Tita Josie's Bday Celeb

Foodams brought by the Oldies :)
Oldies <3

August Solo Pic

Hi yah hitchiker's! :)


My shortest haircut for the past three years.
I look haggard, yikes!

Nothing special happened last September. Hihi. :)

Now, I realized that there's nothing much about this post. Have I kept you updated? Lol. :P

That's all folks! :>