Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Nothing special happened during my October until I've received an invitation to attend Riva and Nathan's baby shower for their baby boy, Caleb. It was held on the 31st of October, 2011.Thank goodness, my parents allowed me to go even if it was a holiday. This event was also an opportunity to see my lovely friends and orgmates. I was really excited!!! :)

Before heading to the venue, my lovely friends and I went to SM Calamba and bought our collaborated gift. :P We bought something for Baby Caleb's head (bonnet?), for his little hands (mittens), for his little body (a clothing set) and for his little feet (booties). Weee. We also bought a pacifier. Newborn items are really cute. :)

And this is how the Baby shower went...

It is not my baby shower, okay? :D
(Me, Tin, Marisse, Nicey)

With my lovely friends/orgmates. 
 Same position eh?


With my batchmates (Tin and Marisse)

With my roommates - London girls (Marisse and Nicey)


The lovely couple - Riva and Nathan :)


Mommy Riva, Daddy Nathan and Baby Caleb's giftsssss. :D

Time to bid farewell! 

It is very seldom that I get to see my orgmates and friends. That's why I was really delighted to see some of them during that day.

I'm really excited for Baby Caleb! I also wish a successful normal delivery for our orgmate, Riva. Let's all pray for her and for her baby! ^_^

*All pictures are from Nathan. :D

By the way, should I have my baby shower also? :P
Hmmmm, please shower my baby with a lot of blessings/gifts even without me hosting a baby shower! Hihi! :)



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