Thursday, October 27, 2011

One Wednesday Afternoon

It is very rare that I go out these past few weeks. Since, I've got nothing to do, I decided to go with my parents to run their errands. They're also going to the mall so I definitely came with them.

First stop: ATC

While my parents were doing with what they needed to do, I went window shopping. Haha. I found a simple, pretty "platforms" in Bayo. The colors available are black, blue and red. The material is a combination of suede and PU (I think). The sole has a leopard print.  A pair of it costs PHP 1,800. I think it is a bit pricey for its simple design. The other stores I have visited are People are People, Kashieca, Charles and Keith, and Kamiseta. Well, we just stayed there for around 15 minutes.

Last stop: SM Southmall

Another reason why I came with them is because I wanted to inquire about DSLRs. After inquiring about the DSLRs, we eat out at Pancake House to have our late lunch. Here are the pictures of what we ordered. :)

Sunrise Orange Pancake Tower
Mama's order. I don't know it's name but it's a fish fillet.

Papa's order. Tenderloin Steak.

My order. Sunrise Steak.
Yuuuuuummy lunch! I liked the fluffiness of the fish fillet but its sauce was not that appetizing. It was like there was a missing ingredient on that sauce, maybe mayonnaise. On the other hand, both steaks really taste good but they were somehow raw even if we said that we want them well-done. Well, it was good that my father and I were almost finished eating when we noticed some portions of our respective steaks being raw. You can really see the blood, eewy. Would you still eat that bloody steak??

To give you a hint of what we look like... :P
My handsome Papa and my beautiful Mama. :)
It seems that I look like a kiddo here.

By the way, I found these cute peep-toe wedges in one of the stores in SM. I forgot what store it was.

Wish I could find a cheaper shoes (from my supplier) similar to this one! :D

We had to go home early since Mama has another appointment to go to and I will be having my classes.

That's all folks!


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