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Giveaway Alert: Lucky Winner

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I indicated that it is valid until June 30,2012 only since I am not sure if I can still continue my online selling. :/

I'll send an email and fb message to the lucky winner. Trixii Lee, pwede mo ng pakyawin yung paninda ko. Hehe. :D   
For those who wish to collaborate and have sponsorships/giveaways with Find n Flaunt, kindly send your message with complete details on Find n Flaunt page. Thank you so much. :)


Sweet Tweets & Free Shipping

Sending me a "sweet tweet" was one of the entries I included in my giveaway. I planned on answering them all at once but it took me this long to answer them. I'm sorry. :/

Here are some of the sweet tweets and personal questions I received:

"What will you do this valentines day?"
Haha. I'm so sorry I haven't answered you earlier. Check my post here on how I spent the Valentine's day. :)

"What's the reason behind your store name 'Find n Flaunt'?"
My online shop's name was inspired by the phrase "If you have it, then flaunt it." Find that thing you want in my store and flaunt it to the world! I was even planning to name my online shop, "F.I.F.I." - Find It, Flaunt It. But I think some people would make fun of that name. Haha. There are also a lot of names I've thought of until I ended up with Find n Flaunt.

"What is your favorite shoes?"
My favorite type of shoes would be a wedge. It gives you a pump without worrying of having tripped or slipped. :P I'm not really good in wearing heels but because of those thick heels and chunky heels around, I can now enjoy wearing those kinds.

"I want to personally know you as an entrepreneur "
Woah! I didn't consider myself as an entrepreneur before. But, as an entrepreneur, I need to have patience patience patience. As they say, patience is the key to a successful business. True indeed. I also try to keep improving my online site and my products as well. Actually, my online shop have undergone lots of changes already. :D

How long have you been into shoe business and aside from footwear what else do you sell online?
I started selling shoes last October 2011.  I used to sell pre-order apparels, bags,  and perfumes. But now, I am thinking to focus on on-hand and pre-order shoes. :)

" I want to know about your being mom."
"How's motherhood treating you? God bless!"
Being a mom at this age is not my plan but I have always thought of having a child at an early age. Ugh. At first, I need assistance from my parents and my boyfriend since I had a caesarean delivery. I couldn't stand up easily by myself. I was not allowed to carry heavy things and walk too much. During the first few weeks, my baby cries and poops every dawn. I needed to change the diaper very often. I could not breastfeed her properly maybe because there aren't a lot of milk stored in my breasts yet. I was also having difficulty in breastfeeding positions. I resorted to giving formula milk so it was very costly on my part.

I even cried to my boyfriend because it really is difficult to be a mother. I also thought of my mother who did all these things by herself. There are really a lot of sacrifices our mothers had given to us.
Though I am still not good in managing my time, I am somehow getting used to these new things. Good thing, we have a helper now. If we don't have, I might not be able to eat in a day. Hihi. I followed the elder's advice to always eat those foods with soup. So, I have unlimited supply of breastmilk now. Haha. 

On the down side, Kaela got used to breastmilk and doesn't want to drink formula milk anymore. I could not go outside the house for a long time and leave her to my mother or brother. She is crying terribly when I'm not around.

You've got a lot under your sleeves!how do you juggle all your roles?How do you manage your time?
Hmmmm. For now, it's a bit easier because I am only focusing on my online shop and my baby. I stopped teaching online. No one's going to take care of Kaela if I am going to continue teaching online.  What I am worried for is this coming school year. It would really be a toxic life. I'm going to have less time for my baby.  I'm not even sure if I am still going to continue selling online. :/

" I want to know some random facts about you."
1. I love wearing PJs!
2. I don't usually comb my hair.
3. Coffee doesn't make me awake.
4. I want to keep my nails long. (But I need to have it short always coz I'm a mom now.)
5. I have a lot of insecurities and frustrations in life. :)

"Who is your favorite actor?"
I don't have favorites but I do have crushes. Haha. Tom Cruise, Ashton Kutcher, and Bradley Cooper. :)

"Do you know Tsuki and Mary Eunice?"
Yep. We live in the same subdivision. :) Eunice is one of my  close friends here.

There you go. :)

To those whose sweet tweets are posted here, here's my treat for you:

Free shipping in ANY item. Valid until April 30, 2012 only. If you're going to order, kindly message me your Full Name, Email Ad and Twitter username. :)

That's all dearies. :*


Kaela's 3rd Month

Showing off my big arms. :/

No doubt who the father is! :P I'm wishing Kaela's hair would grow longer and faster so she may look more girly!

Thank you The Bake Sale for the cupcakes and Ninang Luvie for the headband. :D


Roll on your stomach baby!

March 27, 2012 - 3 months and 2 days old Kaela

Woke up by my Mom's high-pitched scream. It was because Kaela rolled on her stomach - Kaela's first ever "dapa." We were somehow amazed and amused by this because they say that babies roll on their stomachs when they are around 6 months old. Many people told me that Kaela was so great that she was like an "advanced" child.

But when I read the book "Pregnancy & Childcare" by Jenny King, it was stated under the two months old category that "...he can roll on his stomach as if starting to crawl." So, it was really normal for two month old babies to roll  on their stomachs. Kaela can roll on her stomach easily, anytime, anywhere. She can also balance her head well while in this position though sometimes she also gets tired and will start crying.

Recently, Kaela rolls on her stomach while sleeping. I found it funny the first time I saw her did that. It was like she was exhausted. Just today, I've searched through the internet about this rolling of babies on their stomachs/tummies while sleeping and I've read that many are worried about this! Didn't care about this until now. Some babies may not be able to breathe properly in this position because they "bury" their faces on the mattress. This is really worrisome. Good thing Kaela turns her head to the side.  I'm hoping that Kaela would always turn her head to the side if ever she is going to sleep in this kind of position again.

Stripping off,

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Dasma Experience

March 23, 2012

I've finally got the time to go to La Salle Dasma to submit the other requirements needed. What I just need to pass that day was my official  NMAT result and 5 copies of 2 x 2 picture. I didn't know how to go there so I asked my oldies Ganda and Janssen, who both studied at La Salle Dasma, for the directions. Here's what they told me:  Sakay ng jeep papuntang Paliparan -> Baba sa Salawag -> Sakay ng tricycle papuntang Salitran. >-Tawid -> Sakay ng jeep papuntang DBB-C or Area C. I also asked my Mom and Leine on how would I know if I am in Salawag already. My mom said there's a stoplight there. Leine said it's kinda like a crossing.

Good thing there were passengers going to Salawag too. Then, those people who were going to Salawag said "Para" already. I was hesitating to get off the jeep coz the place didn't look like a "crossing." I was not seeing a stoplight nor a tricycle terminal as well. Though, the place looked familiar. So bumaba na rin ako. I followed the passengers and then I saw the tricycle terminal. There was a tricy going to Salitran but the space left is at the back (back ride). I didn't want to sit there coz I was arte-artehan. The guy inside sat at the back so we can leave. Thank God I didn't sit at the back coz it was like a roller coaster ride. It's not about the road but the speed.

I finally arrived at La Salle Dasma (HSI). I went to the office. When I was about to submit my requirements, the Sir told me "Miss, bukas ata blouse mo." And I was like O_O. Kalorkey. Andami ko pa namang nakasalubong! Haha. Anyway, submitting those requirements just took a few minutes in the office. I went out and had a rest at the couch. Across from me, I saw someone familiar - my high school classmate/friend Rachel. We had a little chit chat and catching up.

That day, I was also going to meet Leine and Nathan.

My funny weird tanga moment experience:
(text messages)

Nalie: Pupunta na lang ako diyan! Pano pumunta diyan?
Leine: Sakay ka ulit jeep papuntang Area C or Area F. Baba ka sa may Gate 1. Hindi sa maya Gate 3 (after ng hanging bridge). Sabihin mo na lang kay Manong driver na ibaba ka sa Gate 1.
Nalie: (Sakay sa jeep. Sa dulo pumwesto, which is far from Manong driver.)
Nalie: (May nakitang gate na after ng hanging bridge. Nilagpasan ang gate.)

*Jeep stopped at the gas station*
Nalie to Kuyang La Salle student: Kuya, yun po ba yung Gate 3?
La Salle student: Opo.
Nalie: (Reads text Leine again making sure na sa Gate 3 ako dapat bumaba.)
Nalie: (May nabasang word na Gate 3.)
Nalie to Kuyang La Salle student: Thank you! :)
Nalie: (Bumaba sa jeep. Nilakad pabalik sa Gate 3.)

*Pagdating ng Gate 3*
(text messages)
Nalie: Dito na ko sa Gate 3. :D
Leine: Sabi ko hindi sa Gate 3 eh!
Nalie. O__o
Nalie: (...reads the text again.)
Leine: Upo ka na lang muna sa mga benches diyan.
Nalie. O sige.
Leine: Wag ka na alis diyan. Papunta na kami ni Nathan diyan.
Nalie: (Dahil di ako mapakali...) Leine, wag na kayo punta dito. Ako na lang punta diyan. Sakay na ko sa jeep.
Nalie: Baka magkasalisi na tayo, wag na kayo pumunta dito.

*Sakay sa jeep, papuntang Gate 1*
Nalie: *waiting waiting*
Leine: Nalie, nagkasalisi nga tayo. Andito na kami sa Gate 3. Diyan ka lang, punta na kami diyan. Wag kang aalis diyan.

Finally, nagkita rin kami! Haha! :D
*Those were not the exact text messages but the thought was the same.

So, we had our lunch at *forgot the name.* Hihi. During my "trip" to La Salle, I have been texting Tin about my whereabouts hoping that she could also go to La Salle. We already finished our lunch and there were still no signs of Tin. ...And then there was Tin. :P

I was too excited for this day that I forgot to bring my camera! Argh. So here are some of the pics from Leine and Tin. :D

Leine, Me, Tin

Me, Tin, and Nathan

About thirty minutes after Tin arrived, I went home already because my mom had been texting me to go home early and Kaela doesn't want to drink the formula milk. Kaela wants breast milk! Haha.

Kaela celebrated her 3rd month last March 25 so it was a good time to buy cupcakes from Leine. Yes, Leine is baking and selling cupcakes. :) Here's what I bought from her:

Cupcakes from The Bake Sale

Vanilla with buttercream frosting - PHP 285.00

I've been eating lots of chocolates during that week so I decided not to buy a chocolate cupcake. Looks pretty good right? It tastes pretty delicious as well! It feels like I'm eating a smaller version of cake. That's why it's called cupcake. Duh Nalie. Haha.

If you reside in Cavite, try buying cupcakes from Leine / The Bake Sale. Go check The Bake Sale page. :)
Super sulit! 

I miss sharing my experiences this detailed. I've got no one to talk to here. T_T


Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Office Girl

March 10, 2012

It has been a while since I had taken a good picture of myself. I'm  actually more of a smiley smile girl when it comes to picture taking. Why? Because I look like shit when I don't smile. Haha. Though I find this shot pretty nice. Whatchathink? 


The matindi-ang-skiat-ng-araw face. :D

Office girl ang peg. I wanted to pair this top with a skirt but my fugly big thighs and legs won't allow me. So I'd stick to wearing pants. Hihi. Can you guess where am I? :) Yes I'm at SMX. This day, I went to another bridal fair. Haha. I'm not getting tired of attending bridal fairs! But this time, I was with my mom.  

There were "No picture taking" all around the place so I did not dare taking pictures. I just had pictures of me taken.

"The office girl."
Romwe top, Blanc Noir pants, Find n Flaunt shoes, Mendrez bag

My mom told me that she heard a lot of ladies saying, "Ang ganda ng shoes niya." I didn't hear any of those but I'd like to tell them, "Bili po kayo sa online shop ko." :D This was my very first time wearing a pair of heels this high. Yes, you heard me right. It is so ironic that I sell these kind of shoes yet this was my first time to wear one. Haha. I'm not really into heels because I can't stand for a long time wearing those. I have a heavy feet or should I say I'm heavy. When I started selling these kind of shoes, I was already pregnant. Even if I was drooling over those lovely shoes, I've got no time to wear one until this day. To my wonder, my feet didn't hurt even we walked around for about 5 hours. Whew. I also didn't imagine we stayed that long there.

Now, I'm having a hard time which Find n Flaunt shoes I'm gonna own next! Can't decide when there are lots to choose from!


From Photoshoot to Yellowcab

March 11, 2012

Last March 11, I decided to have another "photoshoot" for my items. I asked one of the Oldies, "Ganda", to model the items but said she was busy. I asked another oldie, Katz, and agreed. She then told me to text the other oldies to come over to our house so we can have our get-together. And so I did. One came after the another.

Katz also asked Jing to model the clothes I'm selling.
After the shoot, we had some merienda and chit chat.

(L-R) Jing, Ganda, Janssen, Me w/ Kaela, She, Lak, Katz
They were supposed to attend a Mass at Pag-asa which is somehow far from us. I'd like to go with them but I was still waiting for my brother to come home and have him watch over Kaela. It was already past 5 that time and the Mass is at 6:00pm or 6:30pm.  I think.

While waiting for my brother, She (pronounced as Sheh) and Lak  went to our Parish Church and attended the Mass there. We waited for them to come back.  When we were all set, I had second thoughts of going or not because it was almost 8pm already. In the end, I went with them coz I didn't want the thought that I kept them waiting for nothing.

(L-R) Lloyd, Kuya w/ Kaela, Lak, Jing, She, Katz, Janssen, Sah, Ganda, and Me

While we were on our way to Alabang, I was begging them to go somewhere near so that if ever they would be planning to stay late or go somewhere else, I could go home by myself. Good thing Lloyd, who brought the wheels, had work the next day so he didn't want to stay late as well. ^___^

We all agreed to have our dinner at Yellowcab.

Waiting for our orders. :)

I forgot its name. ^^

Yuuuuum ~

Now that I've thought of it, I only contributed a small amount of money and I have eaten a lot. Haha. Nahiya naman ako bigla. :P 

Picture picture before going home...

The boys. Nice pants Lak. :)

The girls. Who's the whitest of us all? :P

Last picture before going home

It feels good to be reunited with the Oldies. Lots of chikas, asaran, kwentong love life and many mooore.  This was my first time for this year to be with them. I don't know when will I ever have the chance to go out with them again.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

3rd & 4th Batch of Discount Coupon Winners

Sorry dearies for being MIA. I've been busy lately. Nah. I just don't know how to manage my time properly. Hihi. But seriously, I'm preparing for something "big" and I'm hoping for it to work out.

Anyways, have you checked out Find n Flaunt's new set of pre-ordered shoes? If not, let me show you a glimpse of it. Here are some of my personal picks:

Violet <3

Wish I have lots of pennies to buy these! :D
By the way, for complete list of items and prices, visit Find n Flaunt's multiply site.

Let's now go to our main point here, time to announce the 3rd batch and 4th batch winners!
Here they are:

Congratulations! :)
I'll be sending you email dearies. Hope you make use of this discount coupons! :) 

I'd like to thank everyone who participated in this giveaway. Thank you for all your sweet tweets, comments, and suggestions. The lucky winner of PHP 1000 worth of GC will be announced tomorrow! :)

PS. Who wants to join an open photoshoot? I'm looking for models for Find n Flaunt's upcoming collection. :)


Monday, March 19, 2012

SuperSale Bazaar with Aizel

 March 4, 2012 : SuperSale Bazaar with Aizel

The feeling of excitement for this bazaar was new to me. I didn't know why but I was really looking forward to this even though I have a tight budget. I invited my hs bff Aizel to accompany me. Gladly, she said yes. It was also a good thing that there were free tickets from Deal Dozen. This somehow saved our wallets. :D

I have planned to go here a week before the event. I also asked permission to my mother so she can stay at home and take care of Kaela. I was all set. But 1-2 days before March 4, Kaela's lola from her father side, suddenly planned to pay a visit on that day. Waaah.

Sunday came, Kaela's father and lola visited. Good thing Tita Nancy (Kaela's lola), will also visit her other grandchild in Sta. Rosa so they left our house before lunch. Hihi. I actually suggested that coz I don't want my plans to be ruined. Hehe. Pinagsabihan nga ako na, "Nakakalarga-larga ka na pala!" My gahd, in all fairness to me, I deserve a break! 

I arrived first at our meeting place. A lady came to me and asked "Pag ba nag-toot toot yung tinatawagan mo, ibig sabihin binaba?"   I answered "Pwede po." I was hesitant to answer her because I am now scared of strangers. Hihi. She was asking me a lot of questions about the ringing of the cellphone. Maybe she was going to meet someone there also and she could not contact him anymore. I answered her other questions shortly and I kept my distance from her. 

Finally, Aizel came! We went to the bus stop and waited for a Tas Trans bus but there were no signs of it so we decided to rode a different bus na lang. Then tada, we were at the Supersale bazaar at the World Trade Center. 

I prepared too much for this that I brought two cameras. Haha. My Canon digicam and my mother's Sony digicam. I opened my Canon digicam and found out that the memory card was not there! My goodness! I opened the Sony digicam and it was low-bat! Rawr! I charged the battery but I guess something went wrong. So, I'm not fully prepared after all! I just transferred Sony's memcard to my Canon digicam. But my Canon's battery is always low-bat also. I just had a few pics taken.

Me and Aizel

We used our Deal Dozen coupons.

SuperSale Bazzar stamp
Aizel buying a baptismal gift for Kaela :D
There were a lot of pretty items for grabs! I can't choose which to buy!

I'm always like this. It took me hours before I can choose and buy clothes. If only I had a good budget, I'd pick all those stuffs I want. Poor me, I ended up buying 1 top, accessories from Anagon, and 1 dress for Kaela! I'll post about those items once Kaela and I got the chance to wear them! :D Aizel didn't buy anything for herself. Hihi.

Afterwards, we bought hamburger from *I forgot the name.* I also bought

Cookies & Cream Mochi ice cream from Sophie's Mom

Cupcakes from Sophie's Mom

Strawberry Milk Tea
It was my first time to try mochi ice cream. It was good. It was also my frist time to try Sophie's mom red velvet cupcake and sorry I didn't like it. The cream cheese on top was sour. I know this is a best seller but wth happened to the cupcake I've eaten?? The strawberry milk tea is just a so-so. 

I remembered, my mom said "Walang kakwenta kwenta naman niyang puuntahan mo." It may be "walang kwenta" but like what I've said to Aizel, this was a day for me to unwind. :) I know I won't be having a lot of free time now so I'm grabbing the opportunity while I can! :P 

Lots of chika & catching up on our way home. I had superfun! 

When I arrived at home, my mom told me that she should've given me money so I can also buy clothes for her! Haha!

**I am now inspired to join bazaars. I'm hoping there will be bazaars near our place this summer! :) **