Sunday, April 01, 2012

From Photoshoot to Yellowcab

March 11, 2012

Last March 11, I decided to have another "photoshoot" for my items. I asked one of the Oldies, "Ganda", to model the items but said she was busy. I asked another oldie, Katz, and agreed. She then told me to text the other oldies to come over to our house so we can have our get-together. And so I did. One came after the another.

Katz also asked Jing to model the clothes I'm selling.
After the shoot, we had some merienda and chit chat.

(L-R) Jing, Ganda, Janssen, Me w/ Kaela, She, Lak, Katz
They were supposed to attend a Mass at Pag-asa which is somehow far from us. I'd like to go with them but I was still waiting for my brother to come home and have him watch over Kaela. It was already past 5 that time and the Mass is at 6:00pm or 6:30pm.  I think.

While waiting for my brother, She (pronounced as Sheh) and Lak  went to our Parish Church and attended the Mass there. We waited for them to come back.  When we were all set, I had second thoughts of going or not because it was almost 8pm already. In the end, I went with them coz I didn't want the thought that I kept them waiting for nothing.

(L-R) Lloyd, Kuya w/ Kaela, Lak, Jing, She, Katz, Janssen, Sah, Ganda, and Me

While we were on our way to Alabang, I was begging them to go somewhere near so that if ever they would be planning to stay late or go somewhere else, I could go home by myself. Good thing Lloyd, who brought the wheels, had work the next day so he didn't want to stay late as well. ^___^

We all agreed to have our dinner at Yellowcab.

Waiting for our orders. :)

I forgot its name. ^^

Yuuuuum ~

Now that I've thought of it, I only contributed a small amount of money and I have eaten a lot. Haha. Nahiya naman ako bigla. :P 

Picture picture before going home...

The boys. Nice pants Lak. :)

The girls. Who's the whitest of us all? :P

Last picture before going home

It feels good to be reunited with the Oldies. Lots of chikas, asaran, kwentong love life and many mooore.  This was my first time for this year to be with them. I don't know when will I ever have the chance to go out with them again.


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