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My Dasma Experience

March 23, 2012

I've finally got the time to go to La Salle Dasma to submit the other requirements needed. What I just need to pass that day was my official  NMAT result and 5 copies of 2 x 2 picture. I didn't know how to go there so I asked my oldies Ganda and Janssen, who both studied at La Salle Dasma, for the directions. Here's what they told me:  Sakay ng jeep papuntang Paliparan -> Baba sa Salawag -> Sakay ng tricycle papuntang Salitran. >-Tawid -> Sakay ng jeep papuntang DBB-C or Area C. I also asked my Mom and Leine on how would I know if I am in Salawag already. My mom said there's a stoplight there. Leine said it's kinda like a crossing.

Good thing there were passengers going to Salawag too. Then, those people who were going to Salawag said "Para" already. I was hesitating to get off the jeep coz the place didn't look like a "crossing." I was not seeing a stoplight nor a tricycle terminal as well. Though, the place looked familiar. So bumaba na rin ako. I followed the passengers and then I saw the tricycle terminal. There was a tricy going to Salitran but the space left is at the back (back ride). I didn't want to sit there coz I was arte-artehan. The guy inside sat at the back so we can leave. Thank God I didn't sit at the back coz it was like a roller coaster ride. It's not about the road but the speed.

I finally arrived at La Salle Dasma (HSI). I went to the office. When I was about to submit my requirements, the Sir told me "Miss, bukas ata blouse mo." And I was like O_O. Kalorkey. Andami ko pa namang nakasalubong! Haha. Anyway, submitting those requirements just took a few minutes in the office. I went out and had a rest at the couch. Across from me, I saw someone familiar - my high school classmate/friend Rachel. We had a little chit chat and catching up.

That day, I was also going to meet Leine and Nathan.

My funny weird tanga moment experience:
(text messages)

Nalie: Pupunta na lang ako diyan! Pano pumunta diyan?
Leine: Sakay ka ulit jeep papuntang Area C or Area F. Baba ka sa may Gate 1. Hindi sa maya Gate 3 (after ng hanging bridge). Sabihin mo na lang kay Manong driver na ibaba ka sa Gate 1.
Nalie: (Sakay sa jeep. Sa dulo pumwesto, which is far from Manong driver.)
Nalie: (May nakitang gate na after ng hanging bridge. Nilagpasan ang gate.)

*Jeep stopped at the gas station*
Nalie to Kuyang La Salle student: Kuya, yun po ba yung Gate 3?
La Salle student: Opo.
Nalie: (Reads text Leine again making sure na sa Gate 3 ako dapat bumaba.)
Nalie: (May nabasang word na Gate 3.)
Nalie to Kuyang La Salle student: Thank you! :)
Nalie: (Bumaba sa jeep. Nilakad pabalik sa Gate 3.)

*Pagdating ng Gate 3*
(text messages)
Nalie: Dito na ko sa Gate 3. :D
Leine: Sabi ko hindi sa Gate 3 eh!
Nalie. O__o
Nalie: (...reads the text again.)
Leine: Upo ka na lang muna sa mga benches diyan.
Nalie. O sige.
Leine: Wag ka na alis diyan. Papunta na kami ni Nathan diyan.
Nalie: (Dahil di ako mapakali...) Leine, wag na kayo punta dito. Ako na lang punta diyan. Sakay na ko sa jeep.
Nalie: Baka magkasalisi na tayo, wag na kayo pumunta dito.

*Sakay sa jeep, papuntang Gate 1*
Nalie: *waiting waiting*
Leine: Nalie, nagkasalisi nga tayo. Andito na kami sa Gate 3. Diyan ka lang, punta na kami diyan. Wag kang aalis diyan.

Finally, nagkita rin kami! Haha! :D
*Those were not the exact text messages but the thought was the same.

So, we had our lunch at *forgot the name.* Hihi. During my "trip" to La Salle, I have been texting Tin about my whereabouts hoping that she could also go to La Salle. We already finished our lunch and there were still no signs of Tin. ...And then there was Tin. :P

I was too excited for this day that I forgot to bring my camera! Argh. So here are some of the pics from Leine and Tin. :D

Leine, Me, Tin

Me, Tin, and Nathan

About thirty minutes after Tin arrived, I went home already because my mom had been texting me to go home early and Kaela doesn't want to drink the formula milk. Kaela wants breast milk! Haha.

Kaela celebrated her 3rd month last March 25 so it was a good time to buy cupcakes from Leine. Yes, Leine is baking and selling cupcakes. :) Here's what I bought from her:

Cupcakes from The Bake Sale

Vanilla with buttercream frosting - PHP 285.00

I've been eating lots of chocolates during that week so I decided not to buy a chocolate cupcake. Looks pretty good right? It tastes pretty delicious as well! It feels like I'm eating a smaller version of cake. That's why it's called cupcake. Duh Nalie. Haha.

If you reside in Cavite, try buying cupcakes from Leine / The Bake Sale. Go check The Bake Sale page. :)
Super sulit! 

I miss sharing my experiences this detailed. I've got no one to talk to here. T_T


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