Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New items x 2nd Batch Discount coupon Winners

New items are available at Find n Flaunt!

Black Chiffon
Animal Print

Blue Cotton

Black Cotton

No inner lining - PHP 400

With inner lining - PHP 450

With inner lining - PHP 450

Some of these will be available and ready to ship very SOON. You may still purchase these for pre-order and get it within 2 weeks. Another set of mullet skirts will be available next week. :)

So much for the commercial. It's time to announce the second batch of discount coupon winners. I'm so sorry for the delay dearies. I picked the winners last Sunday and here they are:

CONGRATULATIONS Mirzi, Marie Lyn and Hope!!! :)

Here's how I picked the winners:

Please be reminded that anyone can get more than one discount coupon. Each discount coupon can only be used once and can not be combined with other discount coupons. I will send the an email to the winners for the discount coupon codes. :) You can also use this discount coupons to avail the palazzo pants or mullet skirts! Enjoy shopping! :)

To those who haven't joined the giveaway, it's not yet late to send you entries! Click here to join and get a chance to win discount coupons and/or PHP 1000 worth of Gift Certificate.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Bridal Fair x The Wedding Library

February 18, 2012

Because of the Churp Churp Community, I got to know the event Bridal Fair hosted by the Wedding Library. Uhm, I'm not yet getting married this year but I was giddy giddy to attend this fair just because I haven't tried it yet.  My parents are going to have their church wedding this year in line with their 25th anniversary celebration so this is a good opportunity to canvass for the things needed in a wedding. At the same time, this is also for my future reference. :D

Here are some pictures in the fair...

Love it! Shades if blue/violet.
I want that asymmentrical cake :D

Photo booth pic and album

My bet!

yum yum ~


Sorry for the crappy pictures.  :D Before I entered the hall, I asked the security guard if it is allowed to take pictures but one of the gown exhibitors said it is not. Haha. Though, it was alright for some exhibitors. ^_^

There were exhibitors for gowns, cakes, photography, catering services, venues, photo booth, invitations, wedding coordinators, make-up artists,etc. For me, the stressful part (aside from budget) in preparing a wedding is choosing which to pick from these exhibitors. They offer almost the same packages but differ in prices. It is better to know all of the exhibitors first and what each of them are offering then choose the best or the not pricey one. 

For those who booked on-the-spot, they received  a great great discount. If I were the one who is getting married this year, then I will book on those exhibitors which caught my attention.

In this bridal fair, I ended up getting all the brochures from each exhibitor. I wished I could get all the details I wanted to ask to some exhibitors but my boyfriend who was with me was somewhat holding me back. He kept on saying "Just check their website/brochure." I think he was not enjoying the thought of us being there. 

Anyway, I need to get back on the brochures I have and choose. Wish those companies I'd be picking will also be there in the next bridal fair at SMX so my mother can book on the spot and get a great discount offer. 
But... there would be another set of exhibitors which can also offer better packages. In the end, it is my mom who is going to choose! HAHA


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A special day or not?

My Valentine's day this year turned out to be a very very normal day. Thanks to my boyfriend who did nothing. HAHA. Just kidding! But you know I was somehow bitter to those who were able to celebrate the day with their boyfriends. Teehee. 

Before Feb14, I already knew that I won't be spending the day with boyfriend. Then, I thought of buying a bouquet for my mom. I searched over the net those online shops which offer flower deliveries. Unfortunately, those bouquets are quite expensive for me so I asked my older brother to buy one but said he couldn't. My brother bought a Valentine's card instead. 

I'm glad that our mother appreciated it.

To somehow make this day something special, I spent quarter of the day at SM Southmall with the two most important women in my life. :) I was supposed to dress up but my mom asked me to change my outfit. Haha. 

Here are some pictures...

Me and Kaela

My mom and Kaela


Do you feel comfy there?

"Don't leave me here!" - Kaela

We had our late lunch at Kenny Rogers. As usual, I ordered healthy plate and mac&cheese.

Afterwards, I bought CDs for Kaela. :)
PHP 100 each only. ^^

I'm very glad that I need not to spend too much for these. We went home early because my mom had something else to do.

And this is how I spent the Vday. :D

I think most people would really want this day to be extra special 'cause yes this day only happens once a year. But wouldn't it be better to have the moments you spend with your partner always special? Or treat random days like it is Valentine's day. In that way, a relationship would be more spiced up. Hope the men out there could let their partners feel that they are special and truly loved. <3

PS. Any day could be something special if you want to. Riiight? :)


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Discount Coupon Winners | 1st Batch

Hey ya guys. It's time to announce the 1st batch of discount coupon winners. Please be guided that discount coupons can only be used once per customer but those who entered in this giveaway can win more than one discount coupon.

 Let's make this post short. I don't want to keep you waiting.

To save my time and effort, I used the "Add A Winner" button in Rafflecopter.  This is how it looks like:

And the winners are...

*Drum roll...*
*Drum roll...*
*Drum roll...*

The LUCKY J's:

Here's how I picked the winners:

Congratulations Jen Desutra, Joanna Santillan, and Jelina Tudio! :)
I'll be sending you the discount coupon code you should use on your purchase.

To those who haven't joined yet, don't miss this opportunity to win discount coupons and/or PHP 1000 worth of Gift Certificate. :)

Join the giveaway here.


Lucky Winner x Surprise Gift

Didn't know it is that difficult to monitor and validate the entries in a giveaway. Some people don't seriously follow the mechanics. Some people sent an entry but actually did not follow the said instruction.

As I've stated in my giveaway post, I will be giving a surprise gift for the first person who can manage to follow all the mandatory and optional mechanics/entries. After thoroughly validating the entries, I've finally picked a winner. Whew!

Before I announce the lucky winner, let me share something with you. Find n Flaunt does not only sell pre-ordered shoes but also pre-ordered dresses, couple jackets, couple shirts, and bags. It also offers on-hand items, such as corsets/bustier tops and dresses, sheer tops and connector rings.

You might like to check Find n Flaunt's new set of dresses:


and new set of shoes:

andddd February super sale items (most items are below PHP 250.00):

Ok, so much for the commercial. Let me now announce the lucky winner for the surprise gift.

*Drum roll...*


Here's my little treat for you:

You can avail those super sale items at a very low price! ^__^
I hope you can make use of this coupon because a freebie awaits you on your purchase. :D
Once again, Congratulations!

Next post: Discount coupon lucky winners :)


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Something Something

I came across this 30 Days of Truth List and chose to answer those "Something..." questions.

Something I hate about myself:
One thing I hate about myself is I'm such a crybaby. I could not control my tears to stop from falling whenever I'm hurt. Really. Imagine a grown-up crying just because of a simple thing. How bad does it look like? Gahd. Plus the fact that I get hurt easily. So if you love me, better not hurt me. ^_^

Something I love about myself:
There's so much to love about myself. Haha. Yes, I do believe so. Well, I think the same goes for you too. Of course, we should love ourselves more than anyone. I love the way I am.

Something I have to forgive myself for:
I need to forgive myself for the disappointments and hardships I gave to my parents.

Something I have to forgive someone for:
It would really take a long time before I can forgive the moments in which I was being taken for granted and my kindness was abused. Like what I said earlier, I get hurt easily. Maybe, I have forgiven the person and the deed already but I would not forgot those easily. Those are too painful for me to forget.

Something you hope to do in your life:
Give charity. I mean big time donations, ^^

Something you hope you never have to do:
Hmmm, I can't think of any at the moment.

Something people seem to compliment you the most on:
Hmmmmmmmmmm, I think it would be my hair. Haha.

Something you never get compliments on:
Hmmm, I can't think of any at the moment.

Something you wish you hadn't done in your life:
No regrets, just love. :D

Something you wish you have done in your life:
No regrets, just love. :D

Something you hope to change about yourself, and why:
I'm hoping that I can be less emotional and not be a crybaby anymore because I need to be stronger and tougher in life.

There you go. :)
Now, it's your turn. What are those something something about you?


Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Raffle / Giveaway

How is your year going dearies? As for me, I'm stuck at home. If I'm not nursing my Kaela, I'd just be in front of my laptop and be amused with all the online shops I visit. Plus, I've been joining giveaways like crazy! Of all the giveaways I've joined, I only won 1 coin purse. Haha.

Now, it's my time to conduct my own giveaway! Yey! Haha! This giveaway is more likely a raffle draw, which I think many can enjoy. Every Sunday starting from February 19 until March 11, 2012, there will be 3 winners, who will receive 10%, 20%, and 30% discount coupons from Find n Flaunt, respectively. For the grand winner, he/she will receive a PHP 1000 worth of gift certificate from Find n Flaunt. :)

Find n Flaunt is already offering its customers awesome pieces at reasonable prices so these discount coupons could really help your wallet. ^_^ By the way, the discount coupons are valid until April 2012 only.

Here are some of the items you can purchase using your discount coupon:








So here goes the easy breezy mechanics...
(Wait for the Rafflecopter widget to load)