Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lucky Winner x Surprise Gift

Didn't know it is that difficult to monitor and validate the entries in a giveaway. Some people don't seriously follow the mechanics. Some people sent an entry but actually did not follow the said instruction.

As I've stated in my giveaway post, I will be giving a surprise gift for the first person who can manage to follow all the mandatory and optional mechanics/entries. After thoroughly validating the entries, I've finally picked a winner. Whew!

Before I announce the lucky winner, let me share something with you. Find n Flaunt does not only sell pre-ordered shoes but also pre-ordered dresses, couple jackets, couple shirts, and bags. It also offers on-hand items, such as corsets/bustier tops and dresses, sheer tops and connector rings.

You might like to check Find n Flaunt's new set of dresses:


and new set of shoes:

andddd February super sale items (most items are below PHP 250.00):

Ok, so much for the commercial. Let me now announce the lucky winner for the surprise gift.

*Drum roll...*


Here's my little treat for you:

You can avail those super sale items at a very low price! ^__^
I hope you can make use of this coupon because a freebie awaits you on your purchase. :D
Once again, Congratulations!

Next post: Discount coupon lucky winners :)


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