Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A special day or not?

My Valentine's day this year turned out to be a very very normal day. Thanks to my boyfriend who did nothing. HAHA. Just kidding! But you know I was somehow bitter to those who were able to celebrate the day with their boyfriends. Teehee. 

Before Feb14, I already knew that I won't be spending the day with boyfriend. Then, I thought of buying a bouquet for my mom. I searched over the net those online shops which offer flower deliveries. Unfortunately, those bouquets are quite expensive for me so I asked my older brother to buy one but said he couldn't. My brother bought a Valentine's card instead. 

I'm glad that our mother appreciated it.

To somehow make this day something special, I spent quarter of the day at SM Southmall with the two most important women in my life. :) I was supposed to dress up but my mom asked me to change my outfit. Haha. 

Here are some pictures...

Me and Kaela

My mom and Kaela


Do you feel comfy there?

"Don't leave me here!" - Kaela

We had our late lunch at Kenny Rogers. As usual, I ordered healthy plate and mac&cheese.

Afterwards, I bought CDs for Kaela. :)
PHP 100 each only. ^^

I'm very glad that I need not to spend too much for these. We went home early because my mom had something else to do.

And this is how I spent the Vday. :D

I think most people would really want this day to be extra special 'cause yes this day only happens once a year. But wouldn't it be better to have the moments you spend with your partner always special? Or treat random days like it is Valentine's day. In that way, a relationship would be more spiced up. Hope the men out there could let their partners feel that they are special and truly loved. <3

PS. Any day could be something special if you want to. Riiight? :)


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