Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Romwe Discount Coupons

Days pass by so fast, didn't notice it's February already! Tralalalalove is definitely in the air. What's your plan for the 14th? Don't have a date? Contact me, I'm available! :P Lol. JK. Well, I guess I'd just be celebrating the 14th with my Mom and Kaela but I'm still thinking to dress up and go somewhere! Now I can't decide what to wear on the 14th. Every time I go online, new and fabulous dresses/tops show up. Anyway, I'm avoiding to spend another penny this month so I'll just be wearing something from my wardrobe.

Now, let me say what I really wanted to share with you. If you still haven't decided and picked an outfit for the Valentine's Day yet, you may want to choose and buy from Romwe. There are a lot of great finds in Romwe. You will find yourself wanting to buy as many as possible (if your wallet would permit). Check my post about Romwe and my personal picks here. You might find something you like as well.

As I've mentioned in my previous post, Romwe offers new items everyday. Here are some of their new arrivals:


And to celebrate the Valentine's day and to shower us some love, Romwe is offering great discounts.
Here are the discounts you can enjoy until February 14:

Discount coupon code: ValentineDay1 - $15 off coupon on purchase over $60
Discount coupon code: ValentineDay2 - $25 off coupon on purchase over $90
Discount coupon code: ValentineDay3 - $35 off coupon on purchase over $120

Won't be spending over $60 on your purchase? Enjoy 20% off by using the discount coupon code V-day20% on your checkout. Hurry and order now! This discount coupon code is valid until February 9, 2012 only. :)

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