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Last November 11, 2011, I went to elbi to get my Diploma. At last! :D

After getting my Diploma, my boyfriend and I went to SM Calamba and we ate out at Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria. We're not really hungry when we arrived at SM but we've got nothing to do so we just decided to eat. Also, this poster caught our attention :

So there...
                                     The pretty girlfriend. Hehe
Meet my boyfriend. :D

Good thing they have this kind of stuff to somehow entertain the customers while waiting for their orders.

Boyfriend finished the Pizzadoku first (since he started it few minutes before I began)  but I finished Pizzadoku correctly. Boyfriend missed out on something. I also won the marathon against boyfriend. Hihi! :) 
Here's what we ordered...
Lotto Appetito - PHP 330
My favorites in one dish! Chicken fingers, Mozzarella sticks and Fresh tomatoes!
Tomato sauce + Basil sauce(?!) = Perfect combination!

Our ordered pizzas! Bianca Supreme and Beefy Grande. Yum yum~

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria's service was good. They were able to serve our orders in less than 15 minutes. But I think our table is too small for us. Haha.
The pizzas are uncommon. The difference about the pizza they are offering among the other pizza outlets is its "crispy dough." I'm not sure if it would be the right term but I hope you get what I mean. The feeling was like you're eating hostia. Hehe. Well, for me, it was.

11-11-11 night was such a horrible one. My cellphone was snatched at Alabang. So guys, if you still have my number 09275204709, kindly delete it.


Last November 20, 2011 boyfriend and I went to SM Southmall. We were also not hungry when we arrived there but we've got nothing to do again so we ended up eating again. Haha.

Fatboy's Pizza - PHP 295

Fatboy's pizza surely has a lot of toppings that is why it is messy to eat. It was like you are eating Shawarma.
For the taste, it was good and the usual. It is also somehow similar with Lot'sA Pizza's Great Manhattan.

I'd like to recommend the Healthie Four Seasons shake we bought. Refreshing, healthy, and so yuuuuuumy! ~


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