Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is it too late?

It's been a while since I had my last post here in Blogger. Right now, I'm really confused on where should I put my blogs - in Tumblr or here in Blogger. What ya think? Anyways, what I would like to share in this post is about my Christmas. Hihi. I know. It's been a month already. Haha. Is it too late to ask "How's your Christmas?" :)

Every Christmas, I always get irritated with the thought of it is always our parents who give and give to our relatives but it is also always us who do not receive anything from our relatives. I know Christmas is not about gifts but still...! Even when we (my brother and I) were younger, we seldom receive gifts from them. They kept on saying that we're grown-ups already. No, we're not, we're just tall enough by that time. They also kept saying that it is us who have the capacity to give. I think they're wrong. All of us can give something. To give you a picture of what I'm saying... Imagine you're in your grandparents house, your family and relatives are gathered there to celebrate the Christmas season, all of your cousins are receiving aginaldo, and you and your sibling are the only ones who are not receiving any. What would you feel? RAWR.

Anyway, we only celebrate our Christmas in the province if my father is not around 'coz it is seldom that my father is here in the Philippines to celebrate the holiday season. Last 2011, my father was here and because of my condition, we celebrated the holidays in Cavite.

So here it goes...

Christmas Eve
We went to the church and attended a Mass... Picture picture!


We ate some desserts which my mother prepared for Noche Buena

Then, Christmas was supposed to be just another normal day for us but God planned it to be something special.

As you can see in the picture, I was pregnant and gahd my tummy is very big. Haha. My due date was December 31. My doctor told me that usually, first time mothers give birth one week ahead of the due date. She also told me not to give birth on Christmas because she doesn't want to celebrate Christmas at the hospital. Haha. But I guess my baby wants to see the world already.

After having our breakfast, I told my Mom that it seems that the amniotic fluid is leaking. We rushed to the hospital. At first, I was supposed to have a normal birth delivery but because my cervix was still at 3cm and there was fetal distress, I was subjected to a caesarean delivery.

The anesthesiologist told me that I can ask the nurses to take pictures in the delivery room but I would not remember anything. Truly, I could not remember the next photos you will see...


"My baby has very big lips." - My reaction when I saw the pic in the camera.


I gave birth to a baby girl! :)  She really resembles her father. My baby does not look like a girl yet. Hehe. Just wait for her to bloom! ^_^

Now that I have a daughter who will be celebrating her birthday every Christmas, I guess there is no reason for me to get irritated during this season. Instead, I will always be very grateful to the Lord for giving me the opportunity to be a mother, a wonderful gift I'll forever treasure, and the happy years my daughter will be spending on earth. Amen! :D


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