Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Voucher wasted

Yesterday, I signed up as a member of Club Couture's mailing list. I checked my email and I got this:

I immediately clicked the redeem button. The surprise gift was a 20% discount voucher! Yey! But here's the catch, it is valid until February 1, 2011 only! And what date is it today? I haven't decided on which to buy yet so I checked out their site again today and tada!

Haha. Unfortunately, I could not use the voucher. This is a good thing also because I don't need to spend another penny impulsively. There is only a few left on my savings. I have been online shopping like crazy since December! To think that my savings are supposed to be for Baby Kaela. Hihi. Anyways, I hope I could wear the clothes I have bought soon! ^_^

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