Wednesday, March 07, 2012

It's a Date!

February 18, 2012. Another late post.

Weeks before February 18, I decided to attend the bridal fair and I asked my boyfriend to accompany me. February 18 came and I started my day early so that by the time boyfriend arrives at our house, I'd be ready to go. While he was on his way to our place, I received a text from him greeting me a happy monthsary. Oh boy!  Days just pass me by that I don't even know what date is it already. I forgot that it was our monthsary. It had been a long time since we've been together during our monthsary so our monthsary had become a normal day for me.

He arrived at around 10 or 11 and he gave me this:

So sweet, thoughtful and creative of boyfriend. :)

We left the house after lunch. This was our first time going to SM Megamall together. This was also my first time to go to SM Megamall from Cavite. I didn't know how to go there from here so I asked my HS friend Patricia for some directions. We were supposed to ride on a van going to Makati but the van is only available during mornings. We rode a van going to Lawton instead. We stopped at Buendia and rode a bus going to Cubao / SM Megamall. We arrived at SM Megamall at around 3pm.

As soon as we arrived there, I was already hungry. We had our merienda at Wendy's.

Baconator and fries
Afterwards, we went to the bridal fair. I already made a post about the bridal fair here.
Fugly faces. Haha

I wished we could watch a movie but it was 5pm already and we need to go home early. I have a baby waiting for me! Before we left, we decided to eat out at Mexicali.


We were the only customers that time.

Picture picture while waiting for our order. :P

With flash. :P


Combo 5 : Tacos + Burrito + Quesadillas

This was my first time eating at Mexicali and my first time eating a quesadilla. I was expecting a thicker one like that of Plato Wraps. Didn't know a quesadilla was this thin. Hihi. Nevertheless, it tastes good especially if you put hot sauce and garlic sauce in it. The burrito is well-stuffed. I think this was also my first time eating one. Haha! (There are a lot of foods I haven't tried yet. Haha). I enjoyed eating the salad! I didn't want to stop eating but I was already full. We were very satisfied with our meal. Two thumbs up for Mexicali!

And this is how our day went. I'm so glad we were able to have a "date" once again. :)


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